As I approach my 85th year, I realize I have lived past my expiration date. Yet, I feel I have much to contribute to the discussion of the day as gleaned from my experiences in the life I have lived.

I'm just an ordinary guy, God-loving Christian. patriot, family man, married wonderfully for 62 years, lots of kids and grand-kids, college graduate (GI Bill) , former Marine and Korean vet. Never been to jail, never had a free lunch, never rode a school bus. Educated my kids, married them off, had a long and successful business career and retired with my wife to Florida. We pay all our taxes and vote every election. Pretty ordinary, wouldn't you say?

Yet there are those who call me despicable, racist, xenophobe, hater, etc. Who are they that call me this? Why? Because I may not be in lock step with their radical agenda? We both know who they are. Why are my opinions not worthy of consideration? Why must I be on their s..t list?

I am prompted to write this because I genuinely fear for our beloved country. We are experiencing unprecedented anarchy, rioting, looting and burning instigated by these same radicals while those in power order law enforcement to stand down and look the other way. They will defund the police and turn our neighborhoods into a wild-west shootout.

Anarchy, the pandemic, uncontrolled spending in the name of assistance, straining our financial system, our Republic is in great jeopardy. Take a look at Saul Alinsky's Communist Manifesto "Rules for Radicals." We are just about there. Look for yourself.

J. Richard Lensis

Avon Park