We have heard it from the scientists, some countless billion years ago a giant ball of matter exploded but no one was around to hear it or record the event. But, the Big Bang happened in The Garden of Eden.

You see Yahweh, God Almighty, made all matter, including man and woman. These two people were never womb dwellers.

Yet Adam, especially educated by God (Yahweh) — taught him language (Hebrew), plant and animal culture. It was Adam’s calling that he classify all of Yahweh earthly creations including man himself. Whatever Adam said (classified-named) that name was primordial.

Now after Eve and Adam’s sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge they became sexually aware and began intercourse abundantly, which produced two boys, Abel and Cain. All this happened in a wonderful garden where every need was fulfilled.

Why then is there such a profound difference in the two boys, now men? It is the Big Bang. Upon birth from paradise (the womb where mankind is born in a bubble of need supplying warmth.) Here is the difference: When a baby is born it is expelled from paradise into a cold world and slapped to clear the mucus from future breathing airways and laborious yelling punctuating entrance into a hostile environment. What occurs next is vital to the physics of the babe. If it is loved honestly, cuddled continuously it erases the ordeal of birthing trauma and can be taught generously and respond to God’s Love.

However if the babe is not loved but feels it is an impostor. This babe has a hostile attitude towards everyone. Not just the mother but to the father as well if he is in attendance or not. This child is subject to become a future criminal. If he is punished or not he becomes abusive to himself then to his environment.

God says He loves us all. He stresses Love. This is the cause of his unableness to respond positively to God’s forgiving words and future possible blessings. Cain acted like a spoiled child; abusive nature and especially abusive to an innocent person Abel. Cain slew Abel for Cain could not understand or appreciate Abel’s countenance: Mild manner, positive thinking, wanting to please for he felt no abuse at birth. Love erased the pangs of birth. Whereas the Pangs Of Birth molested Cain hourly.

Adam or Eve or both may have for some tiny little reason held Cain in slight resentment. Interrupting sexation, crying non stop, feeling resentment of forced love. Thereby proving that no child is brought up equally even by truly loving parents.

When I was 9 year old I heard Yahweh’s call (through Jesus) and ran down the aisle and threw myself on the altar. But when age 50, cut my thumb at wooding craft with favorite chisel, I yelled and said a few of GD’s (forgive me Lord). I was suddenly in a floating bubble and a clear message came: I NEVER CREATED ANY THING WORTHLESS, FOR DAMN MEANS RENDER TO WORTHLESSNESS And added this tidbit: YOU MUST PLAY THE VIOLIN! Now I realize the bubble is the womb, where a babe cannot speak, only listen while immersed in total love.

Yes, I learned to play the violin and played several years in a symphony orchestra; now mostly compose spiritual music. (now age 92) Yes, I never say GD again for I know that God is very sensitive. Yes, I went from a squawk to a squeal to a firm melodic note because of a good ear I did not know of and a listening MASTER. When as a child no one ever said, I Love You. Today it is said millions times a day by most everyone. It is heard by loved ones and strangers. Good. It is needed even more. Love everyone, even the one that shouts I Hate You.

Ralph Z. Bell