– a Republican president facing impeachment attacks the press for uncovering his complicity in the cover-up of a crime

– the president denounces the Washington Post and its publisher

– a never-ending and unwinnable Asian war continues

– Hollywood "elites" condemn the war and police brutality against minorities

– Hollywood conservatives and critics condemn the "elites"

All of the above could be today's news. But rewind back almost 50 years to the early '70s and you would find the same headlines, only a different cast of characters.

The president in question was Richard Nixon. The crime was Watergate. The Post publisher was Kathyrn Graham. The war was Vietnam. Another Post investigation helped deliver The Pentagon Papers exposing the futility and lies of the war. The main "elites" were Jane Fonda and Marlon Brando. Their Tinseltown conservative counterparts were John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. "The Gipper" later became president with the campaign mantra to "Make America Great Again."

19th century French essayist Jean Alphonse Karr penned "the more things change, the more they stay the same." In the 21st century, we are simply living up to his astute observation.

Ed Engler