It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve you, the citizens and taxpayers of Highlands County for the past 12 years as your Clerk of Court and Comptroller. The confidence you have placed in me is very humbling. I will be retiring this year and you have a very important decision to make on Aug. 18.

Jerome Kaszubowski, candidate for Clerk of Court and Comptroller, has been my right hand man for the past 12 years. He has over 30 years experience working in the Clerk's office. These years are invaluable. You cannot buy the experience you get with on the job training.

During the past 30 years Jerome and I have worked side-by-side doing the job as Clerk of Court and Comptroller for you the citizens of Highlands County. Jerome has a proven track record of success in the office and is by far the most highly qualified candidate to run this complicated agency.

I am very pleased and proud to endorse Jerome Kaszubowski as the most qualified and experienced candidate for this very important position as Clerk of Court and Comptroller for Highlands County. I am certain that Jerome will continue to lead and improve this agency and all other county functions that the Clerk's office supports.

I truly appreciate the years I have been allowed to serve as your Clerk of Court and look forward to my retirement.

Bob Germaine