I agree with most of Mr. Trump's views. I don't agree with his policy on climate change and I can do without the religious spiel. In my opinion, his wanting to abolish the Postal System is unacceptable. Millions of private Americans, many American businesses, and countless elderly such as myself depend totally on this system. There are other taxpayer funded questionable government programs that could be cut back or eliminated to save money. Our current postal system does an excellent job. Please contact our Florida Representatives in D.C. as I've done already.

I got hacked on the internet about four years ago (with both IP and device security in place) and refuse to go back online. Once burned twice shy. I do feel more secure with the postal system because our packaged information is in the hands of a few trusted people rather than going online worldwide. My neighborhood's mail lady is always on time and she smiles with a friendly wave.

I have yet to see any IP or device security that can provide 100% protection from hackers. Mr. Trump, I will not go online and can't afford it now anyway being retired on a fixed income.

I question privatizing the postal system. I've used private package delivery outfits that can be fairly expensive and maybe the item gets there and they maybe it won't. The current postal system is usually cheaper in price.

Jerry Nargelovic