Dear auto drivers of Highlands County:

I am one of a few "crossing guards" for the Sheriff's Department that is very upset with the safety of our children who walk to and from school.

It's very hard, I feel, to not see a school bus when it is stopped when it has those red blinking lights, as well as those signs that are hanging off the bus that say, "STOP."

And to be sure the car "STOP," I am standing in the middle of the othr lane, with my handheld "STOP" sign and a large red blinking handheld baton in the other hand – yet I had three cars almost hit me by coming through my lane, almost hitting me, ignoring the "STOP" stigns.

Dear drivers, these are your children's lives that you are putting in harms way by not stopping, as the law requires for a stopped bus and your crossing guard, who is just trying to protect our children. Please stop when these buses are stopped or the crossing guard is standing there with only a "STOP" sign to protect our children.

And, do remember, when you see the signaling "blue" light is on, you are to slow down to 20 MPH in a school zone.

Please help keep our children safe!

Your crossing guard on Youth Care Lane for Fred Wild Elementary School

Donn A. Goodwin

Retired educator of 46 years

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