On behalf of the friends of the Kenilworth Lodge, I am inviting your readers to devote part of the third Thursday of this month (Oct. 15) to remembering their experiences at the Kenilworth Lodge.

The Kenilworth Lodge opened in 1916 and the two wings were completed by 1922. The Kenilworth Lodge stood on more than 300 acres at its opening and included a golf course, a formal garden and a beach area on Lake Jackson.

Through the past century, the Kenilworth Lodge hosted many guests for many occasions, but it has not operated as a hotel for more than four years now. Since June 15 of the year 2000, it has been on the National Register of Historic Places.

I also invite your readers to devote a few minutes (or more) between 10 and 11 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15 to their hopes and/or prayers for the present and future of the Kenilworth Lodge. A person may walk by the Kenilworth Lodge hoping and/or praying. A person may drive by the Kenilworth Lodge hoping and/or praying. In your home, during your daily activities or errands, or at work, a person can hope and/or pray silently for the Kenilworth Lodge to be repaired, restored and reopened (or repurposed) in the months and years yet to be.

I invite each person who remembered experiences at the Kenilworth Lodge and/or who offered a hope and prayer for the present and future of the Kenilworth Lodge to send an email to jorjaleigh17@gmail.com or call 330-265-5456 to share their memories, hopes and/or prayers.

The Friends of the Kenilworth Lodge hope to celebrate the third Thursday event each month until the Kenilworth Lodge reopens or when the Kenilworth Lodge is lost from this community.

There are three other historic hotels in Sebring, Florida that also stand empty and in need of repair and reuse. Once these four historic buildings and other historic buildings in Sebring, Florida are torn down, they will not return.

Georgia Lee Eshelman