SEBRINGS — Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Craig Clayton Campbell, 44, of Sebring, on Friday, Dec. 3 and charged him with attempted murder, kidnapping and firing a weapon in a public area. He is also charged with assault and trespassing.

The two victims, a man and woman who argued in the Blue Lagoon parking lot around 11 p.m., were accosted later in the night by Campbell, who seemingly stepped into a private matter.

Here’s how witnesses say things went down:

The woman told deputies she was having drinks with friends when her boyfriend called her to find out where she was. After the woman got into her car to drive home, her boyfriend drove up in his car and in effect, ordered her home. The two then drove in separate cars to their home. Once in the house, the boyfriend gathered his clothes to leave and left shortly thereafter.

As the boyfriend started to pull out of the driveway, Campbell allegedly drove up in his pickup truck and blocked the boyfriend’s vehicle from exiting the driveway. The boyfriend, who had never seen Campbell before, watched in surprise as Campbell walked toward his car. Police said Campbell — who had reportedly been in a group of people drinking with the girlfriend before her boyfriend showed up at the Blue Lagoon — then assaulted the boyfriend outside the house.

The two men faced off, each telling the other he had a concealed weapons license, but the boyfriend allegedly pulled his weapon first, pointing it at the stranger and telling him to back off, reports said.

Campbell then allegedly reached into the back of his pickup truck to retrieve a Sig Sauer 40-caliber pistol. The boyfriend ran to the front door, but dashed around the back of the house after Campbell allegedly fired two shots at him and missed. The boyfriend ran on to the golf course and waited until Campbell drove off and he deemed the situation to be safe, according to reports.

A short time later, police pulled Campbell over in his Dodge Ram 2500 on Sun ‘N Lake Boulevard near Sunrise Drive. That’s where they arrested him and charged him with the violent crimes. The kidnapping charge stems from allegedly blocking the boyfriend from leaving the driveway.

He will be arraigned Jan. 3, after the holidays are over.

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