Lake June West golfers have been going full swing, beginning with the Men's League, which hit the course on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The first-place team, with a score of 45, consisted of Tony Notaro, Mike Rogers, Larry Heath and Jack Clegg. One stroke back was the team of Doyan Eades, Ron Cobert, Jack Lorenz and Bill Fowler. Closest-to-the on No. 2 was Tony Notaro (21-8), with Doyan Eades taking KP honors on both No. 4 (7-5) and No. 8 (7-7).

On Thursday, Oct. 8, it was Mixed Scramble action, with the first place team of Tony Notaro, Jo Anne McGill, Doyan Eades, Mike Rogers, Dick Thole shooting a 47. In second, with a 53, was the team of Larry Heath, Ron Cobert, Margaret Schulrtz, Don Grill and Bobbie Snow. Dick Thole was closest-to-the-pin on No. 2 (6-0) and No. 4 (9-3). Jo Anne McGill had KP on No. 8 (16-4).

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Men's League play saw the team of Tony Notaro, Jack Lorenz, Larry Heath and Bill Fowler place first with a 41. Doyan Eades, Mike Rogers, Al Welch, Steve Condit were one shot back with a 42, while Pete Otway, Ron Cobert and Dennis Mathew were third with a 47. Doyan Eades had KP on No. 2 (22-1), with Mike Rogers have closest-to-the-pin on No. 4 (14-2) and Tony Notaro on No. 8 (8-2).

It was Mixed Scramble on Thursday, Sept. 24, with Ron Cobert, Dick Thole, Elaine Orr and Doyan Eades placing first with a 51. Tony Notaro, Jo Anne McGill. Margaret Schultz and Don Grill were second with a 53. Closest-to-the-pin on No. 2 was Doyan Eades (18-10), with Ron Cobert having KP on No. 8 (3-0).