LAKE PLACID — Most of us dread going to a dentist office and cringe just thinking about the sound of the drill. In fact, back in the day, the only solution to a hurting tooth was to pull it.

Well, those days are gone. For proof, you can go to the newly opened Lakeside Dental Arts on U.S. 27, on the shore of Lake Jackson in Sebring. In fact, the big sign out front reads, “Accepting New Patients.”

If Lakeside Dental Arts sounds familiar to you, that’s because Dr. David Willey has had his dental practice in various locations around Lake Jackson for over 30 years. The most recent office was at the far northern end of the lake. The new one is state of the art and on the south end of the lake, at 2660 U.S. 27 South to be precise.

Let’s take a tour: It starts when you make an appointment and pull into the parking lot. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot. That’s because there might just be one with your name on it. How special is that?

Inside you will be greeted by Amelia Nguyen’s smiling face. She will escort you over to the comfortable waiting area. There you can help yourself to coffee or beverages. If you want to have a consultation about your procedure, there’s a private room for that as well.

Once you pass through the huge glass doors you will be put at ease with all the artwork on the walls, painted by local artists. Then there’s the relaxing lighting and inspirational quotes on the walls, too.

The biggest surprise comes when you enter one of the 13 treatment rooms. They call them treatment rooms so it doesn’t sound so scary. But you will be put even more at ease when you look out the window and enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Jackson.

But let’s get back to why you’re here in the first place. That’s where Willey comes in. He’s been caring for the people of Highlands County ever since he finished dental school at the University of Florida. But don’t worry, if you’re not a Gator fan, he’ll still take care of you. In fact, over the years, Willey has kept up on all the latest technology in the dental world. So, he can do everything from a simple filling to a complete mouth reconstruction.

Anyone who has ever had to have a crown remembers how it took several appointments and a temporary in your mouth for several weeks until you got a call that your crown was ready. At Lakeside Dental Arts, they make a crown the same day. 3-D imagery is another way for Willey to get a panoramic view of your teeth and see what’s going on in there.

So, to make an appointment, call 863 383-7676. Nguyen will help schedule one. Plus, you might even have your own reserved parking space waiting when you arrive.