Why do people litter? I ask myself that question each time I pick up the trash that people throw out of their vehicles along our group Adopt-A- Road in Lake Placid. The small stretch of road is barely one mile long but it is a favorite dumping site for old tires, fast food beverage containers, losing lottery tickets, used baby diapers and the most common — empty alcohol containers.

It is not uncommon to pick up 100 alcohol containers each month. Empty beer cans are popular as are mini Fireball bottles. We have affectionately named one of the regular litterers “Bacardi Boy” after routinely finding empty one-and-a-half-liter rum bottles during our clean ups.

I am not only wondering why people litter, but now am wondering who these people are. Who is driving around with open alcohol containers in the car and who is drinking the alcohol? The last I knew there are laws prohibiting drinking and driving. And isn’t it still illegal to litter?

What is the point of my story? First is for everyone to stop littering! Trash belongs in the garbage can and not on the side of the road. Second is to bring awareness to the fact that there may be impaired drivers in our neighborhoods. And finally, if you dislike looking at litter in your neighborhoods, be a good citizen of the world and start picking up the bottles and cans that are in your vicinity. We live in a pristine place of natural beauty. Let’s help to keep it that way.

Ami Nelson

Lake Placid