We are sure our readers are as tired of hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic as we are of writing about it.

Regardless of how tired we are of it, the virus continues to ravage the country and we must demonstrate patience until we get through it.

A physician told us that COVID-19 “is everywhere,” and we must take it seriously if we want to survive.

He said it would be a shame to have come this far and be so close to getting a vaccine just to give up and return to normal.

It’s been almost a year since the United States began isolating, creating our “bubbles” of family, wearing masks and generally protecting ourselves from a virus the likes of which we hadn’t seen since the early part of the 20th Century. Hospitals are overwhelmed.

With the vaccine rolling out to the American people, many have already said they won’t take it. Often, these are the same people who refuse to wear a mask or limit their activities in public. Their reasoning isn’t sound. They say their rights are being violated when asked to wear masks. They fear the vaccine has an ulterior motive.

Clearly, these assertions aren’t true.

Mask-wearing isn’t an infringement on their rights. As we’ve said before, to enjoy freedom in this country, one must take responsibility and respect the freedom of others. Wearing a mask is considerate and respectful. Worries that the vaccine will alter one’s DNA or implant a tracking microchip are unfounded. The technology doesn’t exist to alter one’s DNA, and we already allow ourselves to be tracked via cell phones.

There will be a return to normal, sooner or later. It will be sooner if we all follow the guidelines.

An editorial from the Daily Independent, Kentucky.