Made in America?

Too often I hear and read a comment trashing China for ‘taking’ so much of our manufacturing and job market. China didn’t take anything. We handed this to them.

America wanted cheaper products and unions became a target to help facilitate this. Little by little, American unions were weakened or busted altogether. Consequently, manufacturing moved to other countries where workers labored far cheaper than in America.

Say what you want, the Chinese aren’t stupid. If work is offered, they will take it.

China isn’t the only country to where American industry fled. Mexico and Vietnam also hold a large share of industry once housed in the U.S.

I am hard pressed in looking around my home to find anything that was actually made in this country. Cookware, clothing, the wood in my furniture, the car I drive – all have roots in another country. DVD and CD discs are mostly made in Japan as are most electronics. The last cruise ship to built in the US was the SS United States in 1951. Since then, they are mostly built and flagged in various European countries and the Bahamas. Even Disney ships were built in Italy.

Boeing is the one commercial airliner manufacturer in America. Otherwise, Airbus, a French company, rules the skies.

Call for customer support with many products or services and you will be connected to another country.

We wanted cheaper. By our own design, we got our wish.

Horace Markley


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