I live in the rural area of Sebring in a multi-family duplex community. We have many elders, disabled and a large minority group of people. I myself am elderly and care for my brother whom is medically needy and has developmental disabilities. We have lived in this development almost five years at this point.

On the 7th of January the new owners and management team made their inspection rounds home to home. What I noticed is that one of the inspectors was wearing a mask with a vent, which is not safe according to the CDC, and another inspector was only wearing a plastic shield without a mask, also not adequate protection according to the CDC. They entered my residence and did an inspection room to room. I wore my mask and I sanitized after they left my residence.

I am now worried not only for myself and my brother but for my neighbors and our community. They traveled into and through 100 units in this community without knowledge or concern for the residents or themselves and the possibility of exposure and spreading this virus.

Many of us have been in isolation for months and have been very careful in following the CDC guidelines and have so much stress, anxiety and depression and this flagrant disregard for our well-being has prompted this letter in hopes that we can find help from our local Health Department to advise this management team and other local management teams to become compliant.

Denise Foresman