I just wanted to write to say thank you to all our great county staff. During times like these, we all need to reflect not on what is going wrong around us. It is too easy to fall into that trap.

We instead should all remember how the people of our little county stepped up and neighbor helped neighbor during hurricane Irma in 2017. Those of us that were here in 2004 remember what a great community we have when three hurricanes slammed the county.

Every day, I see small acts of selflessness that make me proud to call this home.

This brings me to our great county staff. These folks embody the spirit of Highlands County.

The spirit you see in spades when disaster strikes.

Right now, the staff at our Health Department are on the front lines dealing with COVID-19. We are lucky to have them and I am sure they aren't getting the thanks they deserve.

So let me just say thank you to the Health Department for the job you are doing. I sure wouldn't want to be dealing with what they are dealing with right now.

They are not alone though, all our county staff is great. We are lucky to have them.

From the Sheriff's Office to the Supervisor of Elections. From the Tax Collector to Road and Bridge. All really work hard for the people of this county.

But after this pandemic is over, we all need to say thanks to those folks at the Health Department. They have their hands full right now.

Dana Orr

Avon Park