Internationally acclaimed artist, Beverly Marshall, resides right here in Highlands County. Her emotionally charged pencil works are now being seen all over the world.

Her works have been accepted into LightSpaceTime, which is an art exhibition comprised entirely of female artists. She received a special award for her very moving piece titled ‘Addiction’.

The Pepney Gallery in Ireland has three of her works on exhibit. ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘Little Sara’ are part of the ‘Affinity’ exhibit. ‘Lost Soul of the Sea’ in the ‘Identity’ exhibit and has been accepted into their land gallery in Ireland.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and now I will for sure once we can travel. It’s so exciting to have my works shown internationally.”

The Art Room ‘Faces’ exhibit has her work titled ‘Aggie’, one where details reveal years of character on her face.

“There are so many competitors now worldwide. Since many galleries are closed due to COVID, another world has opened up for so many people to enjoy art. I started applying to these galleries back in November. I submitted eight works; five were accepted and I’m still waiting to hear on the other two.”

Marshall started really drawing about eight years ago. She was sitting at her table doing her pencil works and her son looked at what she was doing and was amazed. He said, “I didn’t realize you were that good!”

“I started selling my work on eBay for $35. In one month I sold over $600. Without the support of our local artists at Highlands Art League (HAL), Heartland Cultural Alliance (HCA) and the Co-Op, I would not be where I am today.

“I received so much encouragement from Fred Leavitt (former president of HCA) and Gaylin Thomas (current president of HCA) and all the people at HAL and all the other art groups. The support from everyone has been so awesome. It’s so important that we work together. These organizations in Highlands County have helped me to reach my dream.”

Some of the strict criteria that is used by these galleries for juried judging include creativity, originality or design, quality of work, attention and interpretation to the theme, design elements, use of medium and artistic ability.

“I love capturing emotions. I want you to feel what I feel; I want to reach inside and grip your heart. Sometimes it’s very hard for me as I see and feel so much emotion. When you look into my drawings you will usually see an image inside an image.”

In ‘Lost Soul of the Sea’ you can see the rocks along the bottom of the work flow into the man’s beard. The clouds float into his face and you can see and feel the birds fly. In ‘Addiction’ you can feel the pain as someone feels their soul being pulled out of them as addiction is winning the war.

“I can’t wait to go to Ireland! One of the few good things COVID did was open the door to online galleries so we can reach out to people all over the world.”

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