Experts are saying that widespread mask use could mean shutting down the spread of the novel coronavirus in four to eight weeks. Isn't it worth trying something so simple that offers such a big potential payoff? Just imagine having our old lives back by October! In the meantime, most business and social activities could safely resume with masks and simple distancing precautions.

Proper use of masks is vital. Cover the nose and mouth. Avoid masks with exhaust valves. Those are intended for industrial uses where unfiltered exhalations are not an issue. There is a reason you will never see a valve on a hospital grade N95 mask.

Finally, to those who truly don't see the need for masks, be sure and share your views with the doctor the next time you need surgery. They may feel more comfortable not wearing one, knowing you don't require protection from their exhalations.

These are trying times, but, with a little kindness and tolerance for one another, we can live to see the end of this pandemic.

Kevin Marsh

Avon Park