After unhinged responses to my recent letter, we now know who is paying for the anti-gun show Ad-A-Notes. But, like most left-wing interlopers, they choose to go off on a tangent that is so off topic, it would be funny, if it weren't so unfortunate. They inaccurately try to draw a parallel between senseless murders and "mass destruction guns," as they call them. Trying to tie the SunTrust atrocity to the gun show at the fairgrounds not only demonstrates an inexcusable lack of class, but profound ignorance, as well.

Less than 1% of all murders are committed with so-called assault weapons. The seething anger is as misplaced as is the knowledge of guns. Semi-automatic weapons — where the trigger has to be pulled for each shot — are not assault weapons.

Almost 100% of the attacks that have made the news in the last 30 years have been committed with "real weapons of mass destruction," such as airplanes, cars, box trucks full of fertilizer, knives, baseball bats, fists and hand guns. Do they want to ban all of those, too?

If these people would educate themselves and then stay calm long enough to engage in meaningful dialogue, they would discover that the majority of gun owners just might agree with their position on actual assault weapons — fully automatic guns with high-capacity magazines. Many of us agree that the average household has no need for such, but we refuse to deny a citizen's Second Amendment rights by banning them. That's what dictators do.

Of course, like all letters to the editor from card-carrying liberals, some can't pass up the opportunity to take a vitriolic swipe at President Trump, who they unjustly accuses of doing everything his predecessor did. Cute. Abysmally misguided, but cute.

Ron Carmony