I have a plate in my china closet that someone made for me. A photo image of my mom and dad are displayed on it.

Mom is looking up at the American flag and Dad is doing likewise while saluting. These images were photographed during a Veterans Day event quite a number of years ago.

It reminds me of the extraordinary heritage of faith and country that my dad embraced and left as a large part of his legacy to his children.

He fought in World War II and was a Pearl Harbor survivor. When he moved to Florida where we lived at the time, he was able to get involved with a group of other Pearl Harbor survivors.

So, at events involving veterans, Dad was blessed by Ken’s and my presence. I think I realize more now how having his daughter and son-in-law present swelled his heart with thanksgiving for having survived this awful war. And because of that he lived his dream … marrying and having a family.

Dad and I loved to look at his memory book filled with photos from his time in Hawaii, Guadalcanal and New Zealand. He would share stories and point out friends he served with … some of whom didn’t make it home.

Dad was quite open about his years of service and shared memories with us. We watched some World War II movies together and he relived what was a very big part of who he was and who he became; while others he kept private.

You can’t live through such trauma and not be affected by it. But Dad had long ago determined to be the man God had created him to be.

And, so, certain attitudes and actions from his home life as well as war experiences were only stepping stones to the humble, kind, faithful servant of the Lord he became.

An extremely hard worker with a work ethic second to none, my dad took being our family’s provider very seriously. And, yet, if someone commended him for his many hours of hard work, he pointed them back to God saying it was the Lord who gave him the strength and ability. Psalm 111: 2, 3, 10, NKJV affirms this.

“The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. His work is honorable and glorious and His righteousness endures forever…The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom …”

Dad, you are always in my heart and I honor you this Veterans Day. Selah