It's bad enough that our morning paper is defaced with inane sticky notes incorrectly blaming gun shows for the mental illness that pervades society today, but it's even more disturbing to discover who is paying for those Ad-A-Notes. IndivisibleHCFL is the local chapter of a national organization created in December 2016 — mere days after the election — for the express purpose of resisting, disrupting and usurping the duly elected Trump administration.

Why would a group of people be so full of hatred that it chose to betray its country and lambast a president before he's even inaugurated? The answer is simple. They are under the false assumption that winning an election fair and square is an impeachable offense.

The Never-Trumpers started beating the impeachment drum the day after the election. They didn't need a reason, except that Trump wasn't supposed to win. After all, Hillary had it in the bag, funded by America-hating George Soros and the corrupt pay-to-play Clinton Foundation. Combined with the 100% backing of the lame stream media, there was no way she could lose the 2016 election, but she did.

The Indivisible movement and its local step-child were hatched shortly thereafter and have been trying to undermine federal and state governments ever since. Where I come from, that's called high treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

Ron Carmony