If I had been asked to define myself as neat or messy, I would have always said neat. I still do, for the most part.

To me, I feel accomplished, comfortable and welcomed into my own home when things are picked up and put away.

I enjoy decorating and repurposing items within the house. With autumn in full swing, there is inspiration everywhere to enhance a room in seasonal decor.

So, neat, yes.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens.

Like the day I decided to bake a batch of cookies for my husband Ken. He loves my ‘healthy’ chocolate chip cookies and looks for them to be replenished often.

I had just gotten a new heavy-duty mixer with a cover that comes down when mixing. In that circular cover there’s an opening that allows for adding ingredients.

However, this day when I cracked an egg into it, the egg slipped and entered the spinning mixture. When things like this happen, I tend to panic and just didn’t know what to do first.

My husband Ken was there and said, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” But even that obviously wise advice had me fumbling.

At last, it was off and we dug out the offensive egg shells … some large, others small. So far, every cookie Ken has eaten hasn’t been crunchy.

But the messiness of that small fumble was amazing. Sticky dough jumped on my apron (glad I was wearing one!), my sweatshirt sleeves, the counter and anything it could stick to for me to find later.

Another day, I heated up some pasta with veggies for lunch, brought it to the table and sat down to eat. Accidentally, I hit the spoon that was resting inside the dish. Needless to say, my pants, chair pad and rug received a smattering of olive oil laden noodles.

Neat or messy? I guess a little bit of both.

And, perhaps, instead of getting frustrated with myself over incidents such as these, I should laugh at myself a little more. Being neat often brings its cousin perfectionism along for the ride and that keeps things a bit too sober.

The Bible says in Proverbs 17: 22 NLT, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Then again in chapter 15:13 it says that if our hearts are glad we have a happy face. And in 15:15 we learn that the happy heart has a continual feast.

So, when those messy moments come, I’m learning to accept them, laugh, clean-up and move on. Selah