Come one come all, the gravy train awaits you. Get free medical, free educations, free day care, free free free.

Keep in mind, the only income the U.S. government has to pay for these freebees and more is through taxation.

Sure let's just increase the tax base for those who have been successful in life, mostly from investing in companies, that hire you and me.

I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, home of General Motors. Flint was a thriving municipality until taxes and other expenses got too high for them to do business there. Flint is now a ghost town. Buick engineering, manufacturing and assembly, as well as two Fisher Body plants, two A.C. Spark Plug facilities, two Chevrolet plants and lastly Ternstedts plant have all left town, putting an estimated 80,000 people out of work.

Look around the country and see how many thousands of other businesses have closed or relocated overseas.

General Motors was bailed out, and what did they do? Added more assembly plants and engineering plants in China. Still a communist country by the way.

When the ol' gravy train goes broke, and we are left with a socialism government, get ready for a big derailment in your life.

D.L. Parks