I wrote a column about three years ago that hate and jealousy were going to destroy this nation ... it is. In fact, it has been for quite some time as it’s been left unchecked.

Make no mistake, there are people that truly hate this nation and want to destroy it any way they can. Why they hate this nation is beyond me and I don’t care what lame excuse they have anyway. There is another group of people that stop playing video games, crawl out of their basements and go to any protest they can find. All they want to do is just simply raise hell by destroying property, setting fires, pulling down statues and throwing things at the cops. This makes them feel better because it distracts them from their miserable lives. This is the perfect time for them to steal as the store fronts are all gone and they feel entitled.

The worst offenders of all are the idiot mayors and governors of these cities and states who allow it to go on by ordering the cops to stand down!

It all goes back to the Dems in Washington who stand by and stay totally silent about it. They hate President Trump so much they are sacrificing our country. They consider this nothing more than collateral damage and their hate has gone to insanity. The corruption that has gone on in Washington is sinful and Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham need a kick in the “you know where” to do what’s right for this nation. I hope they are not as afraid of the Deep State as Jeff Sessions was.

None of this hell-raising has anything to do with George Floyd either. Everyone, all police and citizens, agree that what happened to George Floyd was not just sinful, it was demonic. This guy was not a cop; he was a demon wearing a cop’s uniform. That rogue cop will spend the rest of his life in prison and most likely will not last a life sentence anyway.

These places wanting to defund the police are insane. We all need the police and, to the law enforcement in Highlands County, we all appreciate you. We know you’ve got our backs and we’ve got yours.

Why don’t we have the problems like New York? I think because the people of Highlands County are simply smarter and know what’s going on. All this unnecessary garbage happening in the nation is still not enough to keep the Trump-haters from spewing their hate in the newspapers or other media outlets. All the rest of us realize President Trump is not your problem, he is your target. He is your therapy because you not only hate yourself, you have hated all your lives. Way more people in this nation feel totally opposite of you.

President Trump will go down in history as the president that saved the nation from going into a dark, dismal place by winning the election. There is also no one who could do more than he is right now and has done from early on concerning the coronavirus. The Dems want to instill fear in everyone and keep the nation shut down indefinitely all for one reason. They think it makes the president look bad when in fact it does the total opposite. He will win the 2020 election by a landslide. Why? Simply because there are way more people that know the FACTS and what’s really going on in our country than those that are lost and clueless. For the majority of us in this country you Trump-haters just sound like a bunch of predictable, irritating, negative squawkers so we tuned you out a long time ago. Whatever you’re squawking about, we simply do not care. Just like we don’t care what the democrats in Washington are squawking about. I think they are the dumbest bunch of people in the nation and we do not need them as they are useless. If you keep listening to those idiotic people who cause themselves newscasters on CNN and MSNBC, you will only get worse. Watch FOX News if you want the truth.

My dad and all World War II greatest generation gave us a gift. They laid their lives on the line to preserve our liberties and freedoms. For the WWII vets that are still with us it’s a damn shame they have to see ail this unnecessary BS going on. To all the vets reading this, do not fret. To feel better, watch Pete Hegseth’s program on Fox News, Modern Warriors. Listen, those guys talk and you will see what I mean. Now realize, there are millions more men and women in our country as well as most of our military who think just like them. They are the core of this nation and if anyone thinks they will take our “gift” away, well, like my dad used to say, “think again.”

Robert Gilbert is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.