New business is nice to see

So, WaWa is/has opened two stores in Highlands County with a third to follow shortly. It brings “...about 120 jobs.” That has not been the history of retailing in Highlands County over the last four to five years. Interesting it is ... spreading the wealth around ... Lake Placid, Sebring and North Sebring. It’s easy to see the North Sebring and not Avon Park because of the rapid medical industry growth in that area although Nucor has got to ‘gas and eat’ also but hey they are in Polk County by way of Highlands. Kind of like Avon Park Correctional Institute.

Let’s hope attitudes have changed in Highlands County from the first letter to the editor stating they had heard that WaWa was a foreign company. One of my first undercover investigations in the late 1960’s was of Scott Paper Co. in Chester, Pennsylvania, on the Delaware River, working with about 20 men repacking damaged cartons of toilet paper day after day. Turns out Chester was only about 11 miles away from WaWa.

WaWa started in the dairy business in that area of Pennsylvania. Anyone know how many dairies there were in Highlands County? Anyone remember when the three ‘ranch houses’ on West Schumacher were considered “far out?”

I will never forget my work in Highlands taking me to the dairies, let alone the cattle ranches where after each trip I had to go directly to the quarter car wash and clean that smelly stuff off the underbody of my truck.

If you look at the other county WaWa’s, they price their gas at the going rate and Walmart probably will beat them.

As a state employee who couldn’t quite make a living in 1990, having had to part time it at Kmart for the first two years of my career and after years of national/regional businesses, leaving it is nice to see someone moving in again to Highlands County.

Edward Hummell


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