TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) — The U.S. government on Tuesday carried out the first federal execution in almost two decades, putting to death a man who was convicted of killing an Arkansas family in a 1990s plot to build a whites-only nation in the Pacific Northwest. The execution came over the ob…

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top member of the White House coronavirus task force said Tuesday that “none of us lie” to the public, an accusation President Donald Trump had retweeted, and that while kids need to be back in school as Trump insists, “we have to get the virus under control.”

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — An Australian state is toughening its punishments for anyone caught violating coronavirus quarantines, including jailing rule breakers for up to six months — a warning that follows rising virus cases worldwide and violations of restrictions that are now being furth…

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s government on Tuesday backtracked on plans to give Chinese telecommunications company Huawei a limited role in the U.K.’s new high-speed mobile phone network in a decision with broad implications for relations between London and Beijing.

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Supreme Court last week released its last regular batch of opinions before taking an annual summer break. Justices, who will resume regular opinion releases on Aug. 27, left pending several high-profile cases.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) — Florida surpassed its previous one-day record for coronavirus deaths Tuesday and Britain and France announced they will require people to wear masks in public indoor spaces, amid rising global fears about a resurgence of the pandemic.

TALLAHASSEE — In a highly unusual move, the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered a second round of arguments in a battle about whether the state has properly carried out a 2016 constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana.

LAKE PLACID — The Lake Placid Town Council approved a tentative millage rate at its regular council meeting on Monday. For the second year in a row, council has lowered the millage rate. The tentative rate will be 3.325.

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SEBRING — Tim Brinling is the 41-year-old owner of Brinling Investment Management. He is also president of the local Boys and Girls Club. More than that, Brinling is a visionary with a servant’s heart, willing to step out and do his best to make a difference.

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The following people were arrested on felony charges and booked into the Highlands County jail on July 6:

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The following people were arrested on felony charges related to sexual offense violations and booked into the Highlands County Jail from July 08 through July 12. Non-arrest sexual offender registrants are also listed for the same time frame.

SEBRING — The School Board of Highlands County is looking to fill two administrative positions — Director of Finance and Director of the Heartland Educational Consortium.

Florida’s citrus growing season ended on a sour note, with production of the state’s signature orange crop down about 6 percent from the prior season. The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday released final numbers for the 2019-2020 season, with growers filling 67.65 million 90-pound box…

1. Thoroughgood Marshall was born in Maryland in 1908. Young Thoroughgood would eventually change his name to Thurgood. He once admitted, “By the time I reached the second grade, I got tired of spelling all that out and had shortened it to Thurgood.”

TOKYO (AP) — Dozens of U.S. Marines at two bases on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa have been infected with the coronavirus in what is feared to be a massive outbreak, Okinawa’s governor said Saturday, demanding an adequate explanation from the U.S. military.

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s confirmed coronavirus cases have doubled in just two weeks to a quarter-million, and India on Saturday saw its biggest daily spike as its infections passed 800,000. The surging cases are raising sharp concerns about unequal treatment in the pandemic, as the weal…

WARSAW, Poland — Voters in Poland turned out heavily Sunday to cast ballots in the razor blade-close presidential runoff between the conservative, populist incumbent and the liberal, pro-Europe mayor of Warsaw — a battle that reflected the deep divisions in this European Union nation.

SEBRING — Due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy, the City of Sebring will not be moving forward with any plans to pave Curry Street.

They say records are made to be broken, but the record Florida broke Sunday morning is one the Sunshine State probably could do without. With 15,300 new cases of COVID-19 reported, Florida smashed the previous record of 11,694, which was set by California on Wednesday. New York’s highest sin…

1. The enduring image of King Henry VIII as fat and sedentary isn’t entirely inaccurate — in his later life he weighed nearly 400 pounds. But prior to his physical decline, Henry had a tall (6 foot 4 inches) and athletic frame. Armor measurements from when he was a young man reveal a waist m…