AVON PARK — The short list of five candidates for Avon Park city manager will likely grow a bit with the council members weighing in with their top two for the position.

Mayor Garrett Anderson said between now and the next regular City Council meeting, each council member can submit up to two names of applicants to add to the list of five provided the citizens selection committee.

The council members will submit their selections to the interim city manager by the Tuesday (Jan. 21) before the next council meeting, he said. Those selected will be contacted to make sure they are still looking for a job.

At the next regular council meeting (Jan. 27), council will vote on the names that will be considered at a special council meeting, he said. Those finalists will be asked to attend the meeting.

There were 36 applicants, with some of those probably not qualified, Anderson said. There is definitely a good handful of candidates in there that council will try to sort out and vote on who they will ask for interviews, which will probably be a total of five to 10 candidates.

“The idea would be to select the person at that special meeting,” Anderson said.

The five city manager applicants who were picked by the citizen selection committee are:

• Lyndon L. Bonner, who was the county administrator in Marianna through March 2018.

• Michael Brillhart, who is a consultant for Royal Palm Beach and previously was the county administrator in Camden, North Carolina.

• Timothy Day, who was last employment as town manager of Melbourne Beach through August 2017.

• Phyllis Grover, who is the director of planning and community development in Aberdeen, Maryland.

• Jeffrey Orris, who is the executive director of the Margate Community Redevelopment Agency.

The next City Council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Jan. 27 in the Council Chambers, 123 E. Pine St.