AVON PARK — City Council candidate Michelle “Shelly” Mercure was born and raised in the City of Charm and is a proud graduate of Avon Park High School

Mercure and her husband met and married 25 years ago here in Avon Park. They have three daughters.

“Being the daughter of a local business owner, I have watched the city change time after time,” Mercure said.

Currently she is employed with a local citrus harvesting company as an office administrator.

“With a history of 15-plus years in office administration and 20-plus years in the citrus industry, I hope to offer problem solving skills, organization, direction and adaptability to the City Council for our community,” she said.

Mercure believes that there needs to be a change in direction for the city to grow, which means dedicating herself to be the voice of change in the community by listening to citizens and their suggestions within the community.

“I am looking forward to closely working with our other council members, the CRA, the Avon Park Chamber of Commerce and the members of our community to bring more activity and involvement to our City of Charm,” she said.

Her personal plan is to encourage other members of the council to see the potential visions for Main Street, by focusing on the appearance to potentially open opportunities for businesses to find the area more appealing

A “full effort clean up” should be enforced to all the buildings that are posing a dangerous hazard, not only on Main Street but throughout residential areas as well, Mercure said.

Some other points to touch on would be getting the complete budget information to research, making sure it is being utilized as beneficial for the city, as well as cutting some frivolous spending and focus on repairing streets and sidewalks, she said.

Mercure believes the city should work on attracting events and activities for the residents, as well as recognizing resident events such as high school graduations and holidays.

“I will make a great council member because, as mentioned previously, I plan to dedicate myself on being the voice of change for our community,” she said. “Since I have been able to watch so much change over time, I can see where to focus efforts.”

Watching the future generations grow up in Avon Park will play a role in how Mercure would like to see the city grow.

“We need to ensure there are good community activities and involvements to help them socialize with others,” she said. “My goals are to make our city a place where young people would like to return.

“If my vision is one that is shared by the citizens of Avon Park, then I would appreciate their vote.”

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