Cat gingerbread house

This gingerbread house serves double duty as a cat scratcher.

SEBRING — Pets don’t care about the price or keeping up with the Jones when it comes to gifts, they are just happy you care about them year round and they get a little something special at Christmas.

A new collar, feeding bowl or bed are useful gift options for pets, but what about toys? From inexpensive little plush/stuffed animals to plastic squeaky items there are many toy options for pets.

For those looking for something different or fancier and pricier for that special member of the family has a listing of pet gift ideas.

If you want to go high-tech and high-dollar for a wandering Fido there is the Smart Dog Collar for $129 which has a GPS tracker and an activity monitor.

Make your feline purr with the Holiday Gingerbread House Cat Scratcher $13.99. A cozy gingerbread house scratcher that doubles as holiday decor.

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy, describe one which sends an enticing feather popping out of its openings at random intervals—like a kitty version of Whack A Mole.

For those who want something fancy and high class at doggy dinner time $95 provides your pampered pooch with a Chinoiserie Dog Bowl.

The pampered pet, with a generous owner, could be relaxing in style after a day of chasing the ball in the yard in the Cornelia Dog Sofa priced at $195.53.

If the price is no object and you want your cat to catch some Z’s in real style the Pagoda Pet Bed is available for $1,275.

Check online for many budget-minded items such as the Dogit Knotted Rope Dog Toy for $2 and the Plush Frog Dog Toy by Kong $2.13 for extra small, $2.69 for small and 4.69 for medium.

Though you may forgo putting Christmas wrapping on pet toys. A simple wrapping of your pet’s gifts and placement under the tree and the fun of unwrapping on Christmas Day makes it special for your cherished pet.