New parking for Sebring

The Sebring CRA Board selected two firms for the project to create a new city parking lot from a former bank property on Lakeview Drive.

SEBRING — The Sebring Community Redevelopment Agency selected two firms to transform a former bank parking lot/drive-thru teller property into a new parking lot.

The property at 1960 Lakeview Drive, Lot 5, which is also bordered by Franklin Street, was purchased by the City of Sebring for $200,000 in January.

The city had a proposed plan for the property showing angled parking and straight-in parking with both layouts creating about 140 parking spaces.

The Sebring CRA Board approved of the improvements to the bank parking lot to include demolition of the teller building, installing sod and irrigation, and making enhancements to the parking lot surface, according to CRA Executive Director Kristie Vazquez.

The property will serve as additional parking for the waterfront downtown.

CRA staff had compiled quotes for the following improvements to the property:

• Demolish the teller building and install sod and irrigation to the area.

• Install sod and irrigation to all current grassed areas.

• Mill and repair parking lot surface and install new asphalt overlay.

• Install lighting.

The board awarded the demolition and parking lot improvements to Excavation Point, and the sod and irrigation work to All About Lawns.

The Excavation Point proposal for the teller building demolition totals $29,410, which, along with the structure demolition, includes importing 225 cubic yards of fill and sodding about 25,500 square feet.

The Excavation Point proposal for milling and resurfacing the parking lot, which includes curb and gutter work, totals $45,589.

The All About Lawns proposal for installing irrigation and sod totals $14,000.