SFSC budget approved

The South Florida State College District Board of Trustees approved the college’s 2020-21 budget with tuition and related fees remaining the same.

AVON PARK — The District Board of Trustees approved the 2020-21 South Florida State College annual budget and also voted to give all eligible employees a one-time, non-recurring salary supplement of 2% to be distributed in August.

For the eighth consecutive year, tuition and related fees will remain at the same level at SFSC.

The budget provides for one new full-time faculty position, “Instructor, Health Science Programs” and funding for equipment to initiate a Clinical Immersion Center within the current nursing program space in the Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr. Health and Science Education Center.

Glenn Little, vice president for administrative services at SFSC, said the budget is based on the Legislative Appropriations Bill, which is currently under consideration by Governor DeSantis.

“If cuts are made to appropriations that impact our current budget plan, the budget will need to be amended for consideration by the District Board of Trustees at a later meeting, presumably in July,” he said.

“The budget will allow the college to continue to meet the needs of students and employers within our service district (DeSoto, Hardee, and Highlands counties) and even provide for enrollment growth, expecting that many students will choose to stay close to home due to the uncertainties related to the pandemic,” Little said.

The SFSC budget summary shows that state funding for college operations will increase by $200,514 (1.2%), however SFSC’s share of total state funding will increase by 700,514 (4.14%) due to a special non-recurring appropriation of $500,000 for the Clinical Immersion Center for Health Sciences.

For the second consecutive year, the added cost of mandated increases in Florida Retirement System rates was not provided within the Florida College System Program Fund.

The revenue projections in the operating budget for 2020-21 total $24,296,281 an increase of $735,064 (3.12%) from the current budget.

The personnel budget within the 2020-21 operating budget is $18,337,539, an increase of $12,802 from the current budget, which provides for funding for adjunct/overload sections to provide coverage for up 3% enrollment growth.