SEBRING — It was a Lincoln Chopper at a Lincoln dealership on Lincoln’s birthday with a big crowd Wednesday to see reality TV personality Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers.

Famed custom motorcycle manufacturer Paul Teutul Sr. and a bevy of bikers departed around noon from the Sebring Airport Authority and proceeded into downtown Sebring around the the Circle then out to U.S. 27 to the Alan Jay Ford Lincoln dealership.

A large crowd was waiting at the dealership to see Teutul and the unique (only three made) 9-foot long Lincoln Chopper. About 125 bikers rode a variety of two-wheel and three-wheel machines in the caravan to the dealership.

Teutul, who had injured his knee recently, arrived in an Alan Jay Automotive Network convertible. He was shaking hands and the subject of many cellphone photos the moment he arrived.

Steve DiSano, originally of Rhode Island, who moved to Highlands County recently, said he had watched the reality TV show based in a custom bike shop all the time, including the fights between Teutul Jr. and Sr. Then the father and son went their separate ways.

“It was a good show, always,” he said. “I am here to try and get a picture with him so I can put it on Facebook. You don’t have too many celebrities in Sebring.”

Alan Jay Wildstein welcomed the gathering and noted that he has known Paul Sr. for quite a while and appreciated him coming.

He doesn’t ride bikes anymore, but being a Lincoln dealer and with the resurgence of the Lincoln brand, Wildstein said he originally wanted to borrow the Lincoln Chopper. But, Paul Sr. said he would offer him the bike on the condition that it would be on display for the public to enjoy.

The bike will be on display in the Alan Jay Ford Lincoln dealership in Sebring.

Wildstein commented to Highlands News-Sun, it’s a big event for the middle of the week, for a Wednesday.

“We had some people say it is not a good day to do this,” he said. “I think it is really cool to do Lincoln on Lincoln’s Birthday and to have that bike here and the relationship with OCC [Orange County Choppers] and with Paul and Joannie [Bulger-Kay] has been great for a long time.

“For me it is really cool to have the privilege to have the bike. It’s history. It’s in the Ford Museum. That is where the other one is. It is a super-big honor We are excited about it.”

Orange County Choppers is located in Newburgh, New York, which is in Orange County, New York. The business was featured on the television show American Choppers on the Discovery Channel and then on TLC.