I recently became aware that outside lighting is everywhere and a large portion comes on at dusk and doesn’t turn off until sunrise. It turns out that, according to an article on the IEEE website, 30% of electricity generated for lighting is used for street and parking lot lighting. A large portion of that electricity is produced by fossil fired power plants.

Our mission in this time of global warming should be to reduce the time that this lighting is on, where it is shining and to use lighting that uses less electricity and lasts longer. Most of the lighting making up this significant portion of all lighting is shining when most people are asleep. It’s a case of out of sight (we are asleep) so out of mind.

I think its time to take a look at this and reduce the amount of light (duration), change to good LED lights, direct the light down and only where it is needed. There are other benefits to reduced and proper lighting such as ability to see the night sky, reduced effects on humans, plants and animals that this lighting is being wasted on.

I encourage you to take a look around you at night and see how the night lighting around you can be reduced and if it is necessary at all. It’s time to take responsibility for the lighting around us.

Jack Barnes

Lake Placid