Wow! Just think, we can cure this coronavirus by ingesting an inexpensive disinfectant such as Lysol. We can also have light rays throughout our bodies, which will also work. I think we should rush out and corner the market on Lysol immediately. We could make a fortune.

Does all this sound funny? It’s not funny at all. I have absolutely no words to respond to all these crazy scary remarks from the leader of our country. I think he is totally inadequate to lead this nation. Can you imagine even one person ingesting a disinfectant as a corona cure?

What really is very disturbing is the fact that he makes all these errors, makes stupid remarks, dismisses anyone who disagrees with him, constantly lies and never ever apologizes. How can any human being be correct all the time and never weigh the advice of others, especially when they are members of your administration.

If you really consider everything that has occurred these past three years, you cannot but agree that President Trump is a desperate failure.

Judith Eckstein