I am an 82-year-old veteran who has COPD and sleep apnea, my wife is 81 years old and has asthma and COPD. If we catch the virus, our chances for survival are not good. We have tried to follow the instructions for getting the vaccine.

In late December I contacted the Highlands County Health Department and was told they had no information on the vaccines and to watch the newspaper for information. I did this and was surprised to see in your newspaper during the week of Jan. 5th through 10th that vaccines had been given out during this week even though, to my knowledge, it had not been advertised.

Your paper directed people to wait until Monday, Jan 11 to sign up for the vaccination online. We followed these instructions and were told that we were registered. We later learned other people had received the vaccine who had registered later than we did. I later learned that the vaccine program had crashed on Mon the 11th of January. When I called the vaccine hotline and the health department to find out if I was on the list, I was told that was not possible.

Something is wrong with this program; other states have started registering only those over 90 and then went from there to the next age group. Highlands County and the State of Florida had 10 months to set up a program to vaccinate the population and knew this was coming and did not have a responsible program in place. We still do not know if we are on the county's vaccination list even though we have registered on the state's site but do not know when we will receive the vaccination.

Bruce F. Davis