I assume that the F.D.O.T. is in charge of setting the speed limits on roadways. That being said, I don’t understand how they decided on some of the speed limits on different roads in the area. On U.S. 27 heading south the speed limit is 55 MPH from the college to AdventHealth hospital. It then drops to 50 all the way through until past Highlands Regional hospital. 50 MPH through the busiest part of Sebring with cars coming from businesses on both sides of the highway.

People pull out from these businesses and enter the highway seemingly unaware that traffic is traveling 50-plus MPH. How many accidents have happened on this stretch of U.S. 27 from hospital to hospital?

People making U-turns with oncoming traffic going 50-plus MPH is another problem. Many drivers can’t seem to judge how long it takes to make the U-turn and get into the flow of traffic or how long it takes for oncoming traffic to reach them while they are in the U-turn process.

On our newly completed Panther Parkway, which is pretty much a straight thoroughfare with no businesses and only a couple places to enter or exit the parkway, the speed limit is 45 MPH. A deputy or two could write $1,000 in speeding tickets on Panther Parkway before they went for lunch every single day.

I don’t understand the logic regarding these speed limits. It seems like the speed limits on Panther Parkway and U.S. 27 from hospital to hospital should at least be reversed. I don’t anticipate any changes being made though. I just wanted to express my thoughts on the matter.

Tom Hokenson

Avon Park