We weren’t prepared but found out a pandemic isn’t an “if” but a “when” situation. Another “when” situation confronting us in upcoming years will be the almost complete depletion of oil due to overpopulation, war,s and unnecessary overuse of cars going ridiculously short distances that could be easily walked or bicycled. I’m 70 and possible we might feel the beginning effects of this in my lifetime.

I remember the ‘70s oil shortages very well. Proponents of fossil fuels ignore the fact that oil is a finite resource being rapidly used up. Many oil wells in the Gulf are already depleted and a recent report stated that finding new sources of oil and natural gas are down by 70%.

Coal will be depleted by the turn of the century. Bio fuels may possibly replace diesel. Alcohol fuel is corrosive to engine parts. It takes oil to make electric cars, solar and wind-powered devices as well. Keep that in mind.

I wonder if 24/7 electricity would still be available? In cold Copenhagen, 62% of residents commute by bicycle. I bicycled to work for years in all weather towing a handmade trailer behind me with my work stuff inside. Although racked with arthritis I still bicycle and walk every day (no car). When I walk to the grocery story I have my own shopping cart to take with me.

“When” situations do happen. Preparing is key.

Jerry Nargelovic