I am 72 and have had three heart procedures in the last eight years, two open-heart with valve replacement, so am a member of the so-called “at risk” population.

Neither my wife nor I wear masks.

1. I will not live in fear.

2. I will not follow foolish rules of questionable efficacy (a plethora of experts are now on record stating mask offer no real protection from flu and increase risk of yeast infections, bacterial infections, bronchial infections et al).

3. Despite the Orwellian drum beat from all forms of media (even the PA at Publix) that we are “all in this together” … No, we are not. When we meet our Maker, we stand alone and answer for our sins ... alone.

America is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave.

There is nothing free about being told to indulge in covering parts of one’s face with various materials for no good reason. There is nothing free about sheltering in place waiting for the all clear. There (is) nothing free about being told which direction to go down aisle nine at Publix … and there is absolutely nothing brave about kowtowing to these asinine rules concocted by so-called experts and questionable political entities.

Wearing masks in public is at best a fashion fetish or worse yet virtue signaling. It severs no useful purpose except to make the wearer feel better about themselves.

“If you understand everything, you must be misinformed.” — Japanese Proverb

Harold Day

Lake Placid