In a recent “Your View,” a writer said that Biden would just be another Obama with new heels and soles. As I look back I think that would be a great thing. Obama took a crashing economy that was in a nose dive and turned it around in just a few months. The Dow was plummeting and unemployment was going up like it was launched by NASA. Unemployment 9.9% and the Dow down 26.5% from when “W” took office. When Obama left office, unemployment was at 4.1% and the Dow up 148.3% from the day he was sworn in.

In a letter a few days earlier, another writer wrote that if Democrats get control of the government our children and grandchildren will be saddled with debt. The national debt has went up under GOP control far more than it has under Democrats starting with trickle down Reagan. If our children and grandchildren are saddled with the debt, then I want it for education, health care and quality of life, not private jets, yachts and elaborate vacation homes.

If you have a computer everything in this can be verified. It's not just opinion. No numbers were just pulled out of the air.

Just another Trump veteran loser.

Tony Teets

Lake Placid