Gail A. Romano

Oct. 20, 1950 — Feb. 4, 2021

Gail Ann Romano, 70, was born in New Jersey. She moved with her family at the age of 7 years old to Miami where she resided until 1985 when she moved to Lake Placid. She worked at Publix where she remained a loyal employee for around 35 years.

Gail enjoyed going to work, visiting the local cafes in town, looking after her dog, seeing a handful of friends and watching TV. She loved all the old shows. She was a big fan of NASCAR. Gail never forgot anyone’s birthday. She loved to send cards to friends and family to mark the occasion.

She is survived by her brothers, Frank and Louis Jr; and nieces and nephews, Joel, Quinn, Ashley, Alysa, Abbey, Charlie and Benjamin.

These thoughts are shared by Gail’s family:

“I was about 8 years old. She took me to see Willy Mays and get a baseball autograph at a store. We waited over two hours when suddenly his promoter says we are done for the day, Willy had to leave now. There were about 10 kids ahead of me. I was disappointed but accepted we had to leave. Gail was having none of it. She went up to Willy Mays and said you cannot disappoint my cousin and you wouldn’t have a career without him and the other kids! Willy signed the ball! Gail showed love, determination and character that day. Please share this story in honor of her.”

“She was the unofficial mayor of Lake Placid and she will be missed. Anytime we met people around Lake Placid we would ask if they knew Gail from Publix and more than half the time they knew her. I cannot believe I will not see her or hear her voice again. She used to call me “lady of leisure” when I took that one year off from work. She had names for anyone she liked and I considered myself one of the lucky ones to have a nickname bestowed from her. Life is just not the same without her.”

Gail was a unique soul. She was happy and lived a productive life.

She was firm and resolute about herself. She reminds us to be kind to others no matter what their circumstance. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends that you love them and no matter what happens, be true to yourself and keep things simple.

We will miss you Gail.