Recently, while in Fort Myers, I observed a sign reading "Greatest math ever! 1 cross plus 3 nails = 4 given." My observation of the path some inside the Belch-way want to take us is, 1 A.O.C. plus 3 more of the Odd Squad = 4 boding. God help us!

Another observation of mine is what the unemployment/employment figures are that we have seen. Under Obama, all we got was the number of takers filing for unemployment bennies. Under President Trump, it's the number makers and the jobs they have created. Another case of good math.

I see that we, the Florida voter, still have to observe the changing of our clocks. Are we becoming another California where our vote doesn't count? Or is it due to the fact that Congress is only interested in destroying President Trump? That is all the Dems have done for three years instead of working for the people. Then, when the prez does something meaningful on his own, some liberal judge deems it unconstitutional and flips him and us off.

This is obvious to the most casual observer. The left has come out of the closet. They are proving my theory of long ago, that they are socialists. As I have penned many times before, "It's not the democratic party as most people refer to them as, it's the Democrat party." There is nothing democratic about them.

One last thing I would love to observe is Colon Kapernick and Hollyweird boarding a plane with all their stuff going to Cuba or North Korea. That would be a sight to behold. Amen.

Dave Doty

Lake Placid