I just read a letter from an (writer) we all recognize, once again using the "you can't use my tax money for religious purposes," which is always a puzzle to me, as it is used for abortion, trans-whatever, wasted, stolen by corrupt politicians, and taken for granted.

Actually, the amendment protects religious establishments, by restricting Congress "from" making any laws restricting them. I for one am sick of these few people running our courts our country, our schools, and twisting our laws, to the point now, you cannot defend the people you vote for, you cannot mention Jesus in public places, you are awful because you are a member of a party in favor of a little common sense, and you cannot rest in the basic freedoms of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness because some people are offended. Well, guess what, I'm offended by those people, and have all the rights they do and expect my rights as a citizen to be respected.

There is one God, His Son Jesus Christ, and if it's too difficult for you to look at what our country is becoming and not figure that is where we will find help and peace and healing, too bad!

It is past time for Christians to stand up and speak their mind about their faith and quit being afraid of offending some bubble-headed life-time politician and demand our voice be heard and respected in our own country.

Jay Broker


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