Yoga For Life Nov 6

Extended Mountain Pose, from left to right:: David Best, Joanna A., Chrissy T., Bess Frazier, Shelley Higgins, Lynal Lin, Trish Best, George Villa and Yanet Sturgill.

“Oh, my aching back!” Have these thoughts been muttered in your mind or muffled in the body due to pain? The body knows the pain but the mind may be at a loss for a solution. If these words come to the surface through the body, it is time to find out why and determine a solution. A positive thought process is the beginning of change; the brain is malleable and constantly adjusting, allowing us to learn and adapt. A “fixed mindset,” meaning words held as absolute truths, may slam into life’s inevitable ability to adapt to other possibilities.

Yoga philosophy and a practice is a breakthrough of negative emotions, self-doubt and avoidance of reality. In Yoga, we continue to work through “pain” and adapt to postures designed for body “flexion,” mobility, meaning an increase in oxygenated blood through the entire anatomy, renewing and refreshing while instilling a positive attitude each step of the way. As we open the mind, we open the body. Self-imposed “pain” is a strong call for action to improve spinal flexion. The first noticeable result may be the loosening of deep forehead lines, frowns, tight lips/jaw. The mirror tells a revealing story of pain and restriction.

Begin to alter thinking with a “growth” mind-set. Accept the Yoga challenge and exercise the brain and the body by accepting new challenges. If there is pain and restriction in mind and body, Yoga can help.spinal flexion begins in the mind!

Recognize yourself as a trained “observer” aware of your “experiencing.” Shift attention away from “thought” and turn to experiencing yourself doing Yoga postures. Observe awareness and break conditional behavior that keeps you frozen in the past.

Stand as tall as a Mountain in “Tadassana.” Raise the arms long up by the ears and lengthen them with each breath. Then with another breath, pull the arms up and lengthen them to the back. Keep the chin in line with the spine as much as possible as you pull your arms back. When the mind says, “That’s it,” turn those thoughts off which keep you in the past and allow the body to speak through “flexion.” You may be surprised that the body knows more than the mind. Listen to the body.

This is what “Extended Mountain Pose” is about: Simple, self-fulfilling and flowing with a positive, purposeful direction which allows “Spinal Flexion” to release tension and blockages. Regenerate the “electrical” energy in the body and observe a new energized self.