The coronavirus pandemic is over in this country. So says President Donald Trump. Notice no more reports, no scientists and doctors reporting. On to the next item.

The only problem is that our western states, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Texas, to name a few, are battling the virus in heavy numbers at this writing. Some of the areas do not have enough beds to handle all the critical cases and have had to send patients to other facilities. We are getting better here in the East, but they are not out West.

Next item is rebellion and insurrection. Citizens taking over our country. Can you imagine the president actually mobilizing the legendary 82nd Airborne to stop this imaginary insurrection. This is the unit that parachuted into Normandy on the night of June 5th to defend our democracy.

I think this was the last straw for many military officers retired or still serving this country. Many spoke and wrote that we never should deploy our own services against the citizens of the United States. General Mattis wrote that President Trump was using Nazi tactics which are “divide and conquer.”

We should be coming together at this sad time. He should understand that the country is hurting and needs a leader that will heal, comfort and not divide. Trump said that he fired General Mattis after the general had spoken ill of him. Of course, this is not true. General Mattis sent the president a letter of resignation.

Notice the same lash back that he has done since becoming president. You disagree and he lashes back in the most nasty way including lying, which is his specialty. Being a total narcissist, he can’t conceive of sympathy or empathy. On to the next item.

Clearing a peaceful demonstration in Lafayette Park by force and having General Milley in battle fatigues as if he were in a war zone was a most terrible sight. This was all done so that President Trump could have a photo op holding a Bible, by the way, upside down, in front of the historic St. John’s Church. Nothing was said except that it wasn’t his Bible, just a Bible. No words of condolence or solace.

I truly think he is sliding down the edge. Let’s do our country a favor and vote him out in November.

Judith Eckstein