As chaos reigns in America amid civil unrest and a relentless disease, opinions will stand tall and prevail against this onslaught. Many seem to confuse opinions with facts. It seemed a great idea to the so-called ‘party of small government’ that the nation throw caution to the wind and re-open in the face of the still rising COVID virus. It was a great opinion, but hasn’t flown well as cases of the disease continue to plague our county and the state. There is no sign of a let-up.

Rioters and looters found an excuse to spread destruction across America’s cities as, in their opinion, this would solve racial injustice in our country. It will not. Monuments that glorify slavery and oppression are falling in numbers around the world while opposers wail that history is being re-written. The history is still there, but the praising of injustice needs to go.

In America, some will say ‘proud Southern heritage’ is being destroyed. The War Against Southern Treason was a blight on a country in which states fought for the right to keep people as farm animals. You can call it proud heritage but that doesn’t make it so.

In the opinion of some, America was founded under the values of some mythical apparition and that all should abide by it. The fact is, there are 4,500 world religions and they all have an opinion. That is why the Founders skirted the issue of committing to particular faith and that is why our First Amendment states there shall be no government established religion. Yet an opinion exists that says that Christianity should influence our government and our lives. The fact is, the freedom of religion also applies to a freedom from religion if one so chooses.

Lastly, the following of his ‘fans’ share an opinion that the empty suit who plays president is above reproach and whose election was inspired by Divine Providence. One is free to believe such rubbish but the fact is, no actual gods were involved in plaguing the nation’s government and people with such an unqualified and self-serving elitist who lies at every turn.

Bask in the warmth of opinion but beware those stubborn facts.

Horace Markley