I had the pleasure of attending the Sept. 23rd 2019 meeting. First and foremost I find that the council's main objection is to keep Avon Park in poverty. They talk about putting apartments in a residential area, even allowing two stories where there are no two-story buildings, lowering everyone's home values. They don't want to pay anyone a living wage; they actually think they can get someone 1099 a year for $24K to build up Main Street and fill those empty buildings? If you only have low income people in your city, who do you expect to support those businesses?

Mr. (David) Flowers is resigning and I can't blame him. No one on the council has this city in their best interest. They just want to be popular.

This city needs term limits.

The budget was discussed and it was laughable at least. They worry about spending, but they use rear-loader garbage trucks with three people — they pay those three people salary and have to pay Workman Comp — instead of using an automated side loader that only takes one person, which would save them money.

They have NUCOR coming in and will need houses for people who make more than $35,000 a year, which would increase revenue and support downtown, but once again all I heard was apartments and low income housing.

We will be listing our house in the very near future. Citizens need to attend these meetings and get involved. This is a sorry city government.

Luisa Mentz

Avon Park