Is there no stopping our government from sending more US troops to the worst place on earth — the Middle East? After Iraq and Afghanistan, we are now going to fight the battles of the Saudis and Iran. All those countries are theocracies, and have been fighting their tribal wars for centuries, all over the interpretation of the Quran.

The name of the game, of course, is oil. However, your president has informed us that we are now self sufficient in energy (and I've never heard him lie). Why then do we need the Middle East oil? Obviously the oil is the life's blood of those countries and if they would stop fighting each other, their economies and lifestyle would be much better.

Well, it appears that we are shortly going to lose our third war in recent memory.

The Korean War (1950-1953) was fought up and down the peninsula and when the Chinese came into the battle we were pushed back to the 38 parallel where we are today still at war but no shooting. In other words, we didn't win. Next the Vietnam War (1959-1972) fought hard by both sides. The Vietnamese then agreed to go to the peace talks in Paris. Two years of talking while fighting at the same time. We left in 1972 and down came the North Vietnamese to take over the South and the rest is history. We didn't win there either.

Now the 18-year battle in Afghanistan appears to be ending with the Taliban negotiating with the United States, at the same time killing and destroying all those in their way. In other words, they are continuing to combat our forces and have killed over 2,000 American troops in the war, while all the time talking peace. We are about to lose that war too. The Taliban say they promise not to let Al-Qaeda back into the country. That is the basis of our talking peace with them. The Taliban will take that country back to the 12th century and their promises won't be worth the paper they are written on.

In short then, we are about to lose another war. We are told we have the strongest military in the world and that may be true. Do we have to fight everybody?

Hal Graves