I find it very interesting Charlie Lowrance is deciding Miguel Arceo is taking "a very precarious turn" when Miguel questioned what had truly been done after the horrific shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas.

Yes, there are resource officers at schools now, but that was funded by the state not by the Sebring City Council. You were told you must do this, and I'm afraid you have done little else.

Mr. Lowrance, you are playing politics by your very letter. You blame the "liberal media" and advance scare tactics. Yes, "box cutters and airplanes" were used in 9/11, but since Sandy Hook, Virginia Tec and more we have seen domestic terrorism on a scale beyond compare in schools, offices and concerts across our nation — created by high-powered assault rifles with unlimited magazines.

You might want to think before chastising a student who wrote a well thought out article that we should all take to heart as you sit on the city council. Remember, you represent all of the residents of Sebring, and should applaud any student who thinks and takes the time to write to the paper. This is civics in action.

Instead of being rough on Miguel, be rough on yourself.

Patricia Myers