When it hit near 90 degrees the other day, it was pretty clear that spring wouldn’t be too far behind. Quite a few of my snowbird friends were discussing the high level of heat as a bit too much for their liking and how they’d soon be traveling north to cooler temperatures. While we won’t be facing that errant spring snow storm as they do up north, I suspect a cooler weekend or two might blow in before the heat really starts building. I pray that happens on a weekend so I can enjoy a nice long hike, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll be planning to get out there.

For me, the month of April in Florida is one I adore. Arriving here right after April Fool’s Day some 30 years ago, that I had left from my northern community, which had been completely glazed over in ice merely a week before was completely surreal. I still recall the photo, long lost in life’s travels, of my standing next to a neighborhood orange tree and holding two globes of fruit. It was like I had landed in paradise.

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