A hurricane before Dorian, I heard voices at my front door. A deputy was standing there. He verified who I was, then asked if I had a cell phone. Not a responsible one was my reply.

The deputy pulled out a cell phone and punched in numbers, and handed the phone to me. “Talk to your grandson. He has been worried about you.”

Jim and I spoke briefly. I promised to call him back.

I handed the phone back to the deputy as the tears flowed. The deputy told me it will be OK.

Jim, from his home in Pennsylvania, called the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office to voice concern for his grandmother. Twenty minutes, repeat 20 minutes, after that call, a deputy from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office was standing at my front door.

Are we blessed to live in Highlands County? Indeed we are.

My apology to the Sheriff’s Office for not relating this true story in a more timely manner.

Audra I. Aubin