You’ve probably heard the well-worn phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but let me tell you, this is not true. Around my household we have seen some pretty astounding things over the past few weeks. From sneaking hounds snacking their way around the neighborhood to a dingo opening doors, it’s been quite a tizzy of surprises.

We’ve always suspected our rescue dog of having a few surprises under her fur, but she has astonished us once again. In the past there were head-scratching moments, but after being home for extended days we have solidly uncovered her ability to open closed doors. While it’s true we have no video footage available and the cats are remaining mute, we can ascertain from the evidence left behind that she is the one breaking and entering. After all, wrappers don’t lie.

I suppose it’s possible some other entity entered the home, got past the dingo and then opened our daughter’s closed door and absconded with her Christmas stocking to the dog’s abode, but seriously?

We suspected similar activity in the past but assumed one of us had left the door open and thus the items in peril. During this recent time period however, we were absolutely certain the door was latched tight.

“How could she possibly be doing this,” I marveled. Mr. Harris grumbled how it didn’t matter and began counting levers. “Next time I’m at the home improvement store, I’m buying new doorknobs.”

This seemed a bit much to me. “Do we really need to spend the money and have you do all that extra work?” With several projects ongoing, I hate to see his to-do list grow.

“Yes, I’m tired of her busting into the bedrooms and getting into trouble.”

He then reminded me how he often arrived home and found the remnants of her mischievous ways. The annoyance of having to put back the pilfered items was getting to him. Then, of course, this time there was the eaten treats. Apparently, she can enter any closed door of our home and during our time off over the holidays we experienced her stealthy opening of our bedroom door even while we were present.

Leaving early one morning, Mr. Harris tried to offer me an opportunity to sleep in. He watched her open the door. In my sleepy state, I assumed it was him, but no — it was the dog. Astounding. Shouldn’t there be affiliate marketing for this type of skill set?

Then there is a hound who shuffles around. Apparently, a local canine has become savvy to the savory offerings our cats enjoy and now he too has begun breaking and entering. When our daughter noticed him edging his way onto our screen room in search of a meal, I stomped and gave him what-for as I ran him off. Are all the dogs in this world entering a life of crime?

Canines can herd sheep, sniff out contraband and detain criminals, so it’s clear they are smart animals. Apparently opening doors and feigning innocence are pretty easy tricks, even for an old dog.